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The MIX Massage is performed on a stretcher or futon and consists of a combination of techniques in order to work the entire body. You can combine relaxing massage with:

  • Foot bath;

  • Hot rocks;

  • Shiatsu;

  • Acupuncture;

  • Tantric.


NOMINATEDagainst acute muscle pain, back pain or stiff necks. Or

simply for the pleasure of combining techniques.

Furthermore, the therapist can use other resources such as:

  • Essential Oils: which relieve pain, promote relaxation and help reduce inflammation;

  • Guashá: a Chinese technique that promotes the release of fascia and muscles;

  • Cupping: which provides detoxification of the body, improved circulation, pain relief and muscle relaxation;

  • Bamboo: this massage stimulates the functioning of the lymphatic system, blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

  • Chromotherapy: indicated to stimulate the nervous system, treatments with energetic and emotional functions;


Session Time: can be 60 min or 90 min

The massage can be performed on the stretcher or futon.

Talk to therapists to understand your needs and create the appropriate combinations for your search.

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