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Body scrub

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​      Human skin is the largest organ in the body in terms of extension. Keeping it up to date brings many benefits to your health and appearance.

There are some practices that are good for the skin, such as: a balanced diet, adequate hydration (water intake) and exfoliation, the latter being one of our services offered at Espaço Om Anahata.

Body exfoliation is carried out over the entire body using professional exfoliating cream, which has micro grains, and when it rubs against the skin, it can promote:

Removes dead cells and stimulates the production of new ones;

Unclogging pores;

Fights blackheads and pimples;

Leaves skin smooth and softer;

Evens out the tone;

Improves blood circulation, which in turn increases the supply of nutrients to the skin;

Helps eliminate toxins and impurities;

Associated with all this, we gave the session a boost by combining it with some relaxing massage movements... so here we have the relaxing exfoliation session...

Don't waste time and schedule yours! Feel this incredible experience.

Session time 60 min

Value R$ 145.00

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