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Auriculotherapy is part of a branch within the specialty of Acupuncture, and was made official by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a microsystem therapy. It is a non-invasive method and has good results. It can be performed with needles, crystals or seeds. It consists of stimulating specific points in the ear to relieve pain and/or treat physical and psychological problems. The ear is considered a very important part of the human body as it constitutes a microsystem, that is, a reflex area that can reflect all the pathophysiological changes in the organs and viscera, limbs, trunk, tissues and sense organs.

At Om Anahata we work with both Chinese and French auriculotherapy, depending on the patient's complaint and the result to be achieved.


Objective: Special protocols for weight loss and anti-smoking. It also treats emotional trauma and improves the immune system.

Session time is 45 min

Session cost is R$80.00

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